Costa Ria Los Papillos


  • farma: finca los papillos
  • farmár: cabezas mora family
  • región: boquete
  • výška: 1500 – 1650 mnm
  • odroda: villa sarchi
  • spracovanie: white honey
  • cupping notes: slivka // kvetiny
  • naše hodnotenie: 86
  • praženie: omniroast
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Finca Los Papillos belongs to the Cabezas Mora family. Miguel Angel Cabezas and his wife Miriam Mora Salazar manage the farm, with the assistance of their son Luis Miguel. The farm primarily cultivates Villa Sarchi, but has recently planted a plot of Sarachimor. These lots were harvested by Cabezas Mora before being processed through the Coopro Naranjo microlot program.

Coopro Naranjo is a large cooperative, based in the region of Naranjo. They have implemented a microlot program to capture their specialty coffee lots, and have started working with coffee farmers who are consistently producing high-quality coffee. Once the special microlot coffees are received, they are processed in a separate area from the main mill.

The white honey process from Coopro Naranjo involves a pre-washing stage as the first measure of quality. It then involves pulping to remove the cherry skin – approximately 15% of the mucilage. The sticky parchment is then transferred directly onto the drying beds where it is spread in a single, even layer. The parchment is then moved every 20 minutes to ensure even drying and exposure to the sunlight. Then, depending on the weather conditions, the white honey lots will take between 9 and 11 days to fully dry out.

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