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Concept Bakery is a combination of traditional French recipes and modern confectionery trends. We offer various types of tartlets and macaroni. We also bake homemade cheesecakes exclusively from Slovak cottage cheese. We prepare RAW cakes, according to our own recipes, mostly from ingredients in BIO quality. Our RAW cakes are prepared with regard to the vegan diet and various types of allergies. They are completely free of gluten, lactose, eggs and sugar. We do not use refined sugar in principle.

Srdcom Concept Bakery is the co-owner of Concept – Zuzana Dvorská. She is a supporter of modern trends in baking and carefully selected ingredients. Our concept is to offer our guests products in a quality in which we would bake ourselves and our loved ones. Therefore, where there is to be butter you will find real butter and where there is to be cream you will find only real cream. Refunds and semi-finished products are not allowed in our country.

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Concept Bakery

Teplická 46, Piešťany


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