Costa Rica Cordillera Del Fuego

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Complex, sweet and full of cinnamon.

Cupping profile: red apple, cinnamon, vanilla

Cordillera de Fuego

Cordillera de Fuego is a coffee producer, exporter and roaster, located in Alajuela, Costa Rica. Before being registered with ICAFE, this modern business did have the full operation it has today. They broke in their new mill for the 2015-2016 harvest.

Today, Cordillera de Fuego is a private company run by José Francisco Fernández Arias and Luis Eduardo Campos Varela. They are two coffee experts with more than 30 years in the coffee sector. They both boast extensive knowledge of innovative coffee processes. From coffee production to processing and export up to the managing of other business activities such as livestock, agriculture and commerce,

The goal of Cordillera de Fuego is to strengthen its position in the specialty coffee sector.


The process of anaerobic fermentation starts with the selection of handpicked, mature super riped coffee cherries that have a degree of sugar. The coffee is de-pulped and put in stainless steel tanks with limited oxygen. During the phase inside the fermentation tank, the levels of O2 diminish and the CO2 increases, creating pressure in the fermentation tank. This low oxygen environment changes the composition of the present micro-organisms (e.g. lactic acid bateria), allowing the coffee to develop a unique series of acids, such as fruity malic acids, which will translate to a very complex flavour.

About this coffee

Cupping score: 88.5

Processing station: Cordillera del Fuego
Producer: Luis Campos
Region: Alajuela & Tarrazu
Altitude: 1600 – 1750 MASL
Variety: Cattura
Processing: Anaerobic honey

Caturra variety

Caturra is a natural hybrid of Bourbon, one of the world’s most culturally and genetically important varieties of arabica coffee. But although Bourbon originated in Ethiopia, the first Caturra seeds were found more than 10,000km away on the borders of Minas Gerais and Espírito Santo in Brazil.

Anaerobic fermentation

Fermentation is a chemical process whereby carbohydrates, such as sugars are broken down into alcohols or acids by microbial activities in the absence of oxygen. While fermentation is, by its nature, an anaerobic process, the term “anaerobic fermentation” refers specifically to fermentation that occurs in a custom-built, oxygen-free environment, such as a sealed container or tank.

Roast Style



250g, 1000g

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