Costa Rica Perla Negra

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A complex coffee with notes of ripe figs, juicy strawberries and tart plums, all complemented by the earthy funk of natural wine.

Cupping profile: fig, strawberry, plum, natural wine

Las Lajas

Las Lajas is a well-established micro-mill owned and operated by Oscar Chacon and his wife Francisca. Las Lajas micro-mill has a separate processing line for their organic farms. Besides having some organic lots they also have a wide variety of Honey and Natural processes to enhance quality and create more complex profiles. Their processes have specific outcomes depending on several controlled variables such as varietal, brix content, thickness of the layer at the patio or African bed, and pulping method.

Castillo Luz Helena

Perla Negra

Perla Negra is a meticulously crafted coffee, born from the sun-kissed cherries of Francisca’s esteemed farm. These handpicked beans undergo a unique drying process, basking first under the radiant sun and then resting under a veil of black cloth, a method that unlocks an explosion of natural sweetness. As the cherries transform into inky black gems, they exude an intoxicating aroma rich fruits, soft brown sugar, and a touch of fine sherry. The final product of this process is an organic coffee of unparalleled distinction, its sweet, syrupy notes harmonizing with a dominant bouquet of ripe fruit flavors.

About this coffee

Cupping score: 89.00

Farm: Las Lajas
Producer: Chacón family
Region: Central Valley
Altitude: 1450 – 1500 MASL
Variety: Villa Sarchi
Processing: natural perla negra


Villa Sarchi is a natural mutation of the C. Bourbon variety with a genetic mutation that causes the plant to grow more petite than usual (also known as a dwarf mutation). This variety was discovered in Costa Rica in the 1950s (or 1960s) in the Northwest region of Alajuela province, then underwent pedigree selection (selection of individual plants over successive generations).


Natural sundried, also called “natural process” or “dry process,” means drying coffee cherries whole without the intervention of water or machines to remove any of the fruit. Prior to drying, the cherries are picked, floated in water, and sorted to remove any under-ripe or overripe fruit.

Roast Style

espresso, filter


250g, 1000g

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