Ecuador Amazalia

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Syrupy, sweet and full-bodied cup with floral aroma and bright acidity

Cupping profile: tropical frutis, red currant, mandarins, floral, chocolate

La Josefina Estate

It all started a few years ago. We are dreamers that put ourhands to hard work. We have been coffee lovers since ages, and finding good coffee has been a challenge for us in Ecuador. As a couple, Ligia Merizalde and Leopoldo Andrade, are the hands behind this green land. Together with a big native crew, they have developed what La Josefina is at the moment, a place to find unique coffee.



Through your way to the Amazonas, you find Cascabel. A wild and unexplored town, home of hundreds of unidentified species, and a pure landscape that can only be overcome by it’s own beauty. There, we found the perfect place to start making in it happen. A tropical weather, surrounded by bird’s chants and a fertile ground, home of La Josefina.
Deep in the jungle, as part of the Cayambe-Coca Natural Reserve, you find an indescribable view, a generous land filled by green mountains, lakes & swamps and more than 3500 different breeds guided by a tropical and exotic weather that provides quintessential conditions for growing high quality coffee.

A rare variation of Bourbon that ripens to a pink color. It is called Bourbon Rosado in some latin countries. The cup is fantastic, even though finding stable plants that will consistently produce the pink fruit is really hard. The added challenge to harvest ripe cherries is daunting. (With red bourbon, determining ripe color is easier for the pickers).

About this coffee

Cupping score: 88.25

Processing station: La Josefina Estate
Producer: Leopoldo Andrade
Region: Napo Province
Altitude: 1500 MASL
Variety: pink bourbon
Processing: fully washed


Pink Bourbon is a rare and coveted find. A hybrid of Red and Yellow Bourbon, this varietal stands out in every way—from the striking pink color of its ripe coffee cherries to the sweetly complex flavor of its beans. Even in ideal growing conditions, Pink Bourbon is challenging to cultivate.

Fully washed

Organic matter is stripped off of the coffee bean within days of the coffee cherry being plucked from the tree and then washed with water before they are dried. This removes any impurities and gives the coffee a cleaner taste.

Roast Style

espresso, filter


250g, 1000g

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