El Salvador La Reforma SL28

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Typical variety from Kenya with an El Salvador twist

Cupping profile: strawberry, peach, bergamot

La Reforma

Finca La Reforma is owned and managed by the Alvarez Díaz family, and it’s been in the family since the 1890’s. La Reforma is mainly grown to Bourbon, Pacas, Parainema, Gesha and SL28. This lot has been prepared under high-quality standards set by El Borbollon mill which has more than a hundred years of experience growing and exporting coffees within the family. This lot comes mainly from Bourbon and Pacas varieties grown on the slopes of the famous Ilamatepec Volcano in Santa Ana. This particular lot was specially prepared for Falcon coffee choosing a combination of daily lots from Finca La Reforma.

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El Borbollon has been excelling the art of preparing exemplary coffees from origin to meet with the evolving requirements set by buyers worldwide. Every coffee cherry conforming this lot had to meet strict ripeness level and were floated prior slow-drying them both in clay patios or raise beds for about 19 days in average. By floating the cherries only the best quality cherries and preserve a clean process in the following steps of the drying stages, where we keep removing manually those beans that are not up to the standards we look for high quality coffees.

About this coffee

Cupping score: 87.50

Farm: Finca La Reforma
Producer: Alvar Díaz family
Region: Calzontes Arriba
Altitude: 1300 – 1400 MASL
Variety: SL28
Processing: natural

SL28 Variety

SL28 is a tall coffee tree with high yields and an exceptionally good cup profile. It is drought but is still susceptible to leaf rust and coffee berry disease but not the extent of the French Mission Bourbon. SL28 is related to the Bourbon genetic group. SL14 was developed around the same period of time in the 1930s

Natural process

Natural sundried, also called “natural process” or “dry process,” means drying coffee cherries whole without the intervention of water or machines to remove any of the fruit. Prior to drying, the cherries are picked, floated in water, and sorted to remove any under-ripe or overripe fruit.

Roast Style

espresso, filter


250g, 1000g

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