Nicaragua La Escondida

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A rich and complex coffee with deep grape undertones, complemented by the sweet, plummy notes of prunes and the warm, licorice-like spice of star anise.

Cupping profile: red grape, prune, star anise

La Escondida

Located in the department of Jinotega, La Escondida about 20 minutes driving from the city proper. It’s starts at the base of the same mountain our other two farms, Las Delicias and San Jose, are located at. La Escondida is home to our “varietal garden” this is where we test out new varieties before we decide if it’s worth planting it on one of our farms. The Laurina plot is called Ojo de Agua and it’s the only plantillo we irrigate due to its proximity to a river. This helps to accelerate the flowering stage, hence accelerating the harvest. The Laurina specifically is one of the first varieties to be picked in a season due to this irrigation system.

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Cold fermentation

Anaerobic fermentation simply means fermentation without the presence of oxygen. But going even further, its actually redundant to say “Anaerobic Fermentation” since biologically speaking all fermentation is anaerobic. It would be like saying wet-water. Hence, internally, we refer to this process as Fermentation at Low Temp, but marketing wise Cold Anaerobic has a nice ring to it. It begins with only picking optimally ripe, blood red, cherries. We placed floated and rinsed whole cherries into juice barrels (due to their food safe interior) with no water and covered with a lid. It’s important to note that we made sure that the lid would seal the barrel air tight so as to prevent any oxygen from entering the barrel. The lid was modified by drilling a hole in the middle and attaching a PVC pipe and valve. Using our industrial vacuum, we sucked out most of the remaining oxygen inside the barrel. We then attached plastic hosing to the valve and connected it to a water bottle (that was punctured at the top) filled three quarters of the way with water. By leaving the valve slightly open this creates an airlock whose purpose is to suck out any carbon dioxide that will be produced by the
coffee during fermentation.Next, we placed the barrels inside a 6m X 9m X 3m cold room we built inside our warehouse. It is run by two industrial AC’s which keep the room between 6C and 10C. We let this lot of cherries ferment for a period of 60 hours.

About this coffee

Cupping score: 87.00

Farm: La Escondida
Producer: Jose Contreras
Region: Jinotega
Altitude: 1230 MASL
Variety: laurina
Processing:60hrs low temp anaerobic natural


Laurina coffee is a rare and prized variety of Arabica coffee known for its low caffeine content, delicate sweetness, and fruit-forward flavor profile. It is a mutation of the Bourbon coffee plant, originating from Réunion Island, near Madagascar. Laurina’s distinct characteristics have made it a sought-after coffee among connoisseurs and those seeking a caffeine-conscious beverage.

Anaerobic fermentation

Fermentation is a chemical process whereby carbohydrates, such as sugars are broken down into alcohols or acids by microbial activities in the absence of oxygen. While fermentation is, by its nature, an anaerobic process, the term “anaerobic fermentation” refers specifically to fermentation that occurs in a custom-built, oxygen-free environment, such as a sealed container or tank.

Roast Style

espresso, filter


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