Peach Cake – Colombia

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Elegantly floral, richly sweet. White peach, banana, cream and chocolate aroma and cup. Sweet structure with juicy acidity and syrupy mouthfeel.

Cupping profile: white peach, banana, whipped cream, chocolate


This coffee was grown by Jairo Arcila at the farm Santa Monica. Hand-picked at peak ripeness. The coffee was exposed to a dry anaerobic fermentation of 72 hours with dehydrated peaches and tartaric acid. Later, the coffee was slowly dried on raised beds, below 35 degree celsius, until ideal moisture content was achieved

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The perfume of the peach

This coffee was first exposed to a dry anaerobic fermentation period of 72 hours with the pulp on, where wine yeast and peaches were also added to the fermentation tanks. After the fermentation stage, the coffee cherries were pulped and placed to dry on raised beds with peaches placed amongst the coffee until ideal moisture content was achieved.

About this coffee

Cupping score: 88.00

Farm: Santa Monica
Producer: Jairo Arcila
Region: Armenia, Colombia
Altitude: 1800 – 2000 MASL
Variety: Castillo
Processing: dry anaerobic fermentation 72 hours with dried peach


A leave rust-resistant variety that was developed for over two decades by Cenicafé in Colombia. Castillo is mainly found in Colombia and has high yields. It is popular amongst Colombian producers because of its rust-resistant character.

Anaerobic fermentation

Fermentation is a chemical process whereby carbohydrates, such as sugars are broken down into alcohols or acids by microbial activities in the absence of oxygen. While fermentation is, by its nature, an anaerobic process, the term “anaerobic fermentation” refers specifically to fermentation that occurs in a custom-built, oxygen-free environment, such as a sealed container or tank.

Roast Style

espresso, filter


250g, 1000g

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