Ethiopia Hambela

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A burst of juicy blueberries followed by the delicate sweetness of grapes, a refreshing citrus zest and a whisper of smooth milk chocolate.

Cupping profile: blueberry, grape, citrus, milk chocolate

Project Origin

Project Origin is a company that uses green coffee beans to empower people, so together we can change the world we see. Throughout our history we have met hundreds of extraordinary people from all over the world. We have supplied roasters and baristas with a substantial variety of coffees, invested in dozens of community projects that improve the livelihoods of individuals and communities, and developed new processing techniques that can both build better economic sustainability for producers and offer consumers a whole new range of flavour experiences. All of these accomplishments have been possible thanks to the heart and mind of our founder, Saša Šestić, and by how he responded to that question.

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Hambela, loosely translated means ‘to go on’, is a Woreda closely located to the Idido and Kochere Woredas. The small-holder farmers in the area grow completely organic and pesticide free coffee trees due partly to the lack of funds required to purchase chemical products, but also the lack of need for them given the naturally nutrient rich soil. The trees are left to grow wild and free, with minimal pruning involved. There exists a wonder around the specialty coffees of Ethiopia, and with very little manicuring of the trees, we can truly taste the natural effects this land has to offer.

Cherries are harvested from October – January and taken to the washing station where small-holder lots are combined. Coffee is hand sorted to remove under- and over-ripe cherries and select cherries between 18-22º Brix. Cherries are dried on raised beds in full sun to allow the beans to absorb the sweetness and fruitiness from the cherry pulp and skin. During drying cherries are regularly turned to ensure even drying and maintain clarity. On very hot days cherries are covered in plastic to control drying rate. Cherries remain on raised beds and are frequently turned for 18-30 days until moisture reaches 10-12%. Dried beans are then stored in the dried cherry pod for protection and to maximise sugar and fruit flavour absorption until milling and export preparation.

About this coffee

Cupping score: 88.00

Washing station: Hambela
Producer: Small farmers
Crop: 2023
Region: Guji
Altitude: 2000 MASL
Variety: Heirloom
Processing: natural


Heirloom  – in Ethiopia is often to refer to varieties that are native to the country, many of which are still found in the wild today.

Natural process

Natural sundried, also called “natural process” or “dry process,” means drying coffee cherries whole without the intervention of water or machines to remove any of the fruit. Prior to drying, the cherries are picked, floated in water, and sorted to remove any under-ripe or overripe fruit.

Roast Style

espresso, filter


250g, 1000g

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