Brazil Chocolate

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Cupping score: 84.00

Farm: chocolate
Producer: sancoffee
Area: campo das vertentes, minas gerais
Processing: natural
Variety: mondo novo, catuaí
Height: 940 – 1010MASL

Flavor profile
caramel, dark chocolate, apple

“Sancoffee” is located in the city of Santo Antônio do Amparo and its 20 members in the municipality of Santo Antônio (or a neighboring municipality) in the northern part formerly known as Sul de Minas. For this reason, the “Campo dos Vertentes” region becomes a new designation of origin. The area of ​​agricultural holdings ranges from 70 to 1,000 hectares. By Brazilian standards, a medium-sized farm is ±100 ha, average is ±200 ha, and +1,000 ha is very large.”

The Sancoffee company was born in 2000 from the common dream of a group of coffee growers located around the city of Santo Antonio do Amparo in the state of Minas Gerais. These growers very early on had a vision for the emerging specialty coffee market and for the development of coffee growing in the region. With the great support and encouragement of Mr. Fernando Paiva, the pioneer of specialty coffee in Campo das Vertentes since the 1960s, these growers acquired a warehouse and founded a cooperative. Over time, this infrastructure has evolved into state-of-the-art automated dry grinding machines and warehouse solutions.

Since its inception, Sancoffee has been the main driving force behind the development of specialty coffee in the Campo das Vertentes region. Deeply rooted in the local community, Sancoffee is a proud supporter of initiatives aimed at achieving progress and prosperity through the coffee business. Together with the member farms, the cooperative is involved in several projects focused on social and environmental responsibility in order to ensure the long-term sustainability of the activity in the field of coffee. As a result of these efforts, the Sancoffee cooperative was awarded the B-Corp seal in 2019.

From a business perspective, Sancoffee has always been guided by transparency and trust, which has led to long-term relationships around the world, with most customers having more than 10 years. Today, Sancoffee’s activities are still guided by consistency, innovation, integrity, stewardship and transparency, while striving to constantly adapt to new market trends and use coffee as a vehicle to create a better life for all involved.

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