Holysh*t! espresso

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Holysh*t! is our signature espresso blend with a flavor profile of chocolate, strawberries and marzipan, which we have prepared for you only in 500g packages and we know that it will surely please espresso enthusiasts.

Espresso blend:
40% Ethiopia Mustafa Abakeno
Height: 2000 – 2120 MASL
Processing: natural
Area: Agaro, Jimma
Variety: heirloom
Farm: mustafa abakeno farm
Producer: mustafa abakeno

60% Brazil Pedro Dourado
Height: 1100 MASL
Processing: natural
Area: Minas Gerais
Variety: mundo novo
Farm: fazenda dutra
Producer: dutra family

Flavor profile
chocolate, strawberries, marzipan

Roast Style



500g, 1000g

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